Less updates

There’s only a few visitors to this website, so no real incentive for me to keep it super up-to-date. I do however regulary make new DJ-Sets so please subscribe to one of the following channels to keep receiving my mixes:


Disco-ish mix

This mix starts a bit awkward but quickly transforms into a disco-ish vibe. A nice blend of old and new songs. Mostly old though. With some magical moments here and there. I managed to squeeze a song from Butch in it, to releave the busyness a bit. Ending up with a beautifull eclectic remix from Maceo Plex.

Download in better quality:
– flac: https://kdejaeger.stackstorage.com/s/c4bSmlCqQNUhPrd
– mp3: https://kdejaeger.stackstorage.com/s/EC4WkJVcv4CUVaE