Two decades ago

There’s something magical about these tracks.
The first one for instance; I still remember when I heard it for the first time.
I was sitting on a playground outside in the summer morning sun with some friends.
My cousin came back from DJ-ing in a club and proudly put on his latest cassette mix tape from that night.
People gathered around when it was playing on this simple cassette/radio device, fed on batteries. It was cool.
When he’d bring something, you knew it was going to special and unique new music because it was only out on vinyl and you were lucky sometimes to catch some good tracks.
There was no internet, not even an affordable CD-R. Can you image … .
Today, like 2 decades later, it’s still magical somehow.
The people who used to make these track had totally different workflows. They had to have had rooms full of analogue equipment to make these tracks. The pioneers of electronic music IMO.

Download for better quality:


Bang bang

I chose this title because one of the songs has the lyrics “Bang bang you shot me down” – a tribal version I once found, pretty nice. Next mix will probably be in a couple of months from now. Until then, enjoy this one!

From 120 to 134 bpm, from house to techno-ish

One thing I learned making this mix, is that’s it’s not always a good idea to change bpm while mixing. The trained ears can probably spot it, but most people won’t :).

This mix covers a wide rangs of years, bpm’s and genres within house music.

Take, Nalin & Kane – Beachball which was made like 21 years ago. I think I will never get bored of it. Also Joris Voorn … he’s a workhorse, he keeps making nice songs that fit in kind of everywhere. Some nice songs I’ve got to know from ‘dekunstenaar‘, be sure to check him out as well.

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Respect to all producers making such quality electronic music!

Good old trance

I promised a trance DJ-set next :). Let me take you back to a time when music was mostly on vinyl. And very local. My cousin Bjorn would buy loads and loads of vinyls every week, somewhere around 20 years ago. These songs represent that time, when trance music was very melodically breaky and ‘floaty’.


Use Open Stage Control to control your DAW

Last month, I visited the dancefair at Utrecht to get a bit of a grasp of what’s going on in the industry. It was a bit overwhelming. Apparently there’s many ‘onion layers‘ behind any artist :). Labels, promoters, laws … .

But, I was especially there to get a feeling for hardware and software. Eventually I decided to go for Bitwig studio as the DAW to start with. I also bought a little midi controller that integrates nicely with it: Nektar Impact LX25+. But a week later, I discovered that TouchOSC works with Bitwig. And even better: Open Stage Control. Open Stage Control is such a nice software project. Open source, web based, running on all major operating systems. It kept me hooked for a few weeks as I designed my own template. I’m pretty happy with the result. It’s available for free of course, check out the video below for more information.